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Fedex Shipping

Update (2020-08-15)

I have managed to ship out a lot of orders via Fedex. Customers with multiple orders didn’t have to pay much extra (in many cases I issued a shipping refund). Small orders seem to be more expensive via Fedex.

While shipping via Fedex is still available I spoke with the post office and they let me know that ePacket has resumed for most of the world (with exception of the US). He did say that there is a good chance SAL will be gone, permanently. It looks like ePacket will be the next shipping method to resume for the US (but not yet). The cost is approximately 1.6 times ePacket Light. When it does resume I will make a notification and see how we can get the rest of these orders out.

Thanks for your patience.

Update (2020-06-29)

I spoke with a representative and created a Fedex account. They also explained how to calculate shipping. The volume of the box is just as important as the weight. The formula to calculate box weight is LxWxH / 5000. Whichever weight is higher is used as the weight for the package. In our case the kits are usually well below the “dimensional weight”. Please refer to the table below to get a general idea of the cost. You can use Fedex’s shipping calculator to get a more specific rate (please make sure to enter the box dimensions) Please note that Fedex charges a fuel and “corona” charge of approximately 350 yen.

NameDimensionsWeight ClassNotesShipping to West Coast (USA)
Small38x27x153.5kg (3.078)1 normal-sized HG (2 if it is an expansion pack)2,366 yen +350
Medium35x25x214kg (3.675)1 “short” MG (Like Tallgeese III), 2-3 HG2,678 yen +350
Large40.5×32.5×133.5kg (3.4223)1 “long” MG or 2 HG side-by-side2,366 yen +350
X-Large41x34x247kg (6.6912)3-4 HG, 2 MG or 1 “thick” MG like the Haze’N-thley II Rah4,224 yen +350
XX-Large50x41x3113kg (12.71)Usually order consisting of 2+ HG and 1+ MG7,844 yen +350

Currently I have March, April, May, and June’s orders sitting here waiting to be packed up and shipped out. The Japan Post has indicated to me that shipping, especially to the United States, will not happen anytime soon.

As such, I contacted Fedex to check in the possibility of shipping through them. It does look promising however there is a catch – the cost is approximately 20-30% more.

If anyone would like their order shipped by Fedex (ASAP) please email me at [email protected] Please provide your order number (or numbers) and I will get back to you with a quote. Like Japan Post Fedex’s rates are based off of weight. If you are okay with the amount I will send you an invoice and ship your order out via Fedex. Please note that you will be credited the shipping you already paid. Please be patient as I anticipate a lot of requests.

Either way I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Normally a house full of Gundam would be seen as a good thing but my wife would say otherwise.

Stay safe,


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GenteiKits on Hiatus

Update on COVID-19: I have March & April’s orders sitting here waiting to go out. As some of you might know international mail from Japan Post has been halted. As soon as they open it up I will be sending out orders ASAP.

I started GenteiKits in 2012 on a whim and it took off faster than I expected. Throughout the years demand for Premium Bandai kits rarely waned and it kept me quite busy. However, it has taken a toll. I am not going to claim I need to “spend more time with my family” or that “I am struggling” but I am burnt out. So, reluctantly, I have decided to take a break from GenteiKits.

What does this mean? It means I am not going to be adding new pre-orders to the site for the foreseeable future. At the time of writing this I am about 50/50 on whether I will return.

All current pre-orders will go out as scheduled.

I want to thank each and everyone one you for supporting me. 99.999% of you have been incredibly patient with me and have been a pleasure to deal with.

One final note – I will be putting all the extra inventory up over the next few months. I want to get rid of everything so I will be dropping the prices until it is all gone. If you are interested in purchasing a large amount please contact me and we can come to an arrangement. However, I would wait a bit since I don’t count extra stock until I ship out all orders for that month.

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End of 2019 Campaign!

2019 is closing out and I thought I would put on a little campaign so anyone who wanted to pick up a kit for Christmas. Use the code “XMAS” for 25% off any kit in the “End of 2019 Campaign”. Plus every order will include a Gundam Decal sheet shown below.**

All Gundam Decal sheets are gone, sorry!

Click here for the full list of kits

  • Only applies to kits in the category specified
  • Decal sheet is included while supplies last
  • Orders are not guaranteed to arrive before Christmans

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Shopify: A Failed Experiment

About a month ago I made the decision to migrate my shop to Shopify. It offered quite a lot of features that I liked and the idea was I would be able to offload a lot of the site work I do. And it worked…for about a month. I got an email from Shopify saying that I had to prove that I was an authorized reseller of Bandai items. Alternatively I would have to disable Shopify Payments. Obviously I am not an authorized reseller so I went to disable Payments and was hit with a notice that because it was disabled Shopify would impose a 2% fee on top of the Paypal fees. Um….no.

So, here we are. Back to the old site. What does that mean?

  • The old system is about a month out of date. I am in the processing of updating orders (orders that have shipped, etc…). Don’t worry I still have shopify enabled and have access to all the data
  • Orders placed on Shopify need to be moved over to the current system.
  • June’s orders will still go out normally
  • If you can’t login please use the “forgot password” feature (again sorry for having to make you do that)
  • I am in the process of adding ePacket to the shipping options.

I sincerely apologize for the confusion this has caused. You login into a new system, place orders, then find out the site is back to it was. If you have any questions please email me [email protected] and I will try to get back to you as soon as I am able.

As a way to say thank you any order placed with a kit that is in stock can enter the coupon code shopify-fail and will receive 20% off (orders using this coupon without a kit in stock in their order will be automatically refunded)


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SAL Small Packet


I have temporarily disabled the SAL Small Packet shipping method as I was recently notified that the Japan Post office will no longer come to my house and pick those packages up. As an alternative I am in the works in offering a shipping method called E-Packet Light. It is a dressed up SAL but with a tracking number. Some of you might know it as “Registered SAL”. It is slightly more expensive than SAL Small Packet (200-300 yen I believe). When it comes to the web Japan is still in the 80’s (the primary reason a site like man can even exist – I mean who doesn’t ship internationally?) and their online web system does not offer a way to print out labels in bulk so I have to wait for one guy to talk to another guy who has to ask his boss about who talk to about providing me a way to do it (and will eventually refer me back to the first guy). In the mean time EMS, SAL Parcel, and Sal Surface are still available.

Further Information

  • If you have placed an existing order by SAL Small Packet don’t worry, it will still ship out normally. It will go out in batches (we can only fit so many packages in my car).
  • I changed the shipping calculator a bit, if you see any weirdness please email me at [email protected] (duplicate methods, weird pricing, no pricing, etc…)
  • I expect to offer E-Packet Light ASAP. I have the rates all set, I just need a way to print out orders in bulk.
  • Originally the post office told me they would come and pick up E-Packet Light packages. This is no longer the case so we will have to drive the packages to the post office. Hopefully the ability to print out labels in bulk will offset the trips we have to take to the post office.
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Winter Promotion

Grand Prize is a PG 1/160 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Final Battle Ver.


Any order with all shippable items (no pre-orders) will be entered in a chance to win a kit with the grand prize being a PG!

  • Your order must be shippable (all items in stock).
  • Each kit in the order gives you 1 entry.
  • Every 10 entries a drawing will be held. Winner gets to choose out of the pool of 5 kits (pictured above, below the PG).
  • After 5 drawings, everyone will be in a grand prize drawing for the PG 1/160 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Final Battle Ver.
  • Orders will only be drawing against a pool of 10 other entries. Minimum chance of winning is 10%.

Drawing #1


Drawing #2


Drawing #3


Drawing #4


Drawing #5


Drawing #6

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Beginning of the Year Promotion

Winners have been contacted!


  • Any purchase of an in-stock item will have 1 entry (including orders bundled with a pre-order).
  • If your order is shippable you will receive double entries


1st prize is a the Foundatin Pen of Zabi – Principality of Zeon

2nd place prize is your choice of the 7 cups/mugs listed

Eligible Entries

#2181 x 2 #2236 x 2 #2241 x 4 #2242 x 2
#2251 x 1 #2253 x 2 #2254 x 2 #2256 x 2
#2274 x 2 #2278 x 4 #2310 x 1 #2311 x 2
#2312 x 2 #2314 x 2 #2316 x 2 #2320 x 2
#2321 x 4 #2334 x 1 #2335 x 1 #2326 x 1
#2333 x 2 #2339 x 2 #2329 x 2 #2330 x 6
#2342 x 2 #2344 x 2 #2365 x 2 #2370 x 2
#2373 x 2 #2392 x 2 #2421 x 2 #2423 x 2
#2425 x 2 #2432 x 2 #2434 x 2 #2445 x 2
#2521 x 2 #2529 x 2 #2538 x 4 #2539 x 2
#2541 x 2 #2544 x 2 #2546 x 2 #2616 x 2
#2622 x 2 #2624 x 2 #2625 x 2 #2627 x 2
#2631 x 4 #2634 x 2 #2665 x 2
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May Promotion Entries

Below are the prizes available for the May Promotion.

Teppo Ashigaru Sandtrooper #390
1/100 MG Altron#8842
Hobby Japan Magazine + Parts x 2#880, 800
Hobby Japan Magazine Only#8838
Art of Gundam drawing book (top right)#934
Green Zaku Mug#934
White RX-78 Mug#833
1/144 RG RX-78-2 Gundam#846
Gundam Notebook#9012
Brown Gundam Cloth x 2#9017, 388
Dark Brown Gundam Cloth x 2#833, 8950
Gundam iPhone 5 case (wow!)#8985

Eligible Entries

9012 2
8830 1
8834 3
8838 1
8842 1
8846 2
8848 2
8853 3
8854 1
8856 4
8863 1
8866 2
8869 1
8874 2
8910 3
8927 1
8931 2
8936 1
8938 2
8941 2
8950 2
8951 1
8955 2
8963 2
8967 1
8973 4
8982 2
8985 2
8997 2
9017 2
9049 2
9100 2
373 1
382 2
388 2
390 1
404 1
405 1
435 2
442 2
443 1
482 2
768 1
769 2
772 1
774 3
775 1
777 2
778 2
786 2
787 4
788 2
791 1
792 5
793 1
794 3
795 4
796 3
797 1
798 2
799 1
800 3
803 2
802 1
804 1
805 5
809 1
826 2
827 1
829 1
831 3
832 1
833 5
834 1
835 1
837 1
838 2
839 1
846 3
849 1
854 4
876 3
880 3
882 2
903 2
904 1
930 1
934 3
944 1
948 1
990 1
991 3
1020 1
1030 2
1035 3
1042 1
1046 1
1049 4
1053 1
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GK Moves Back to WooCommerce

5 years ago when I started Gentei Kits I used Woocommerce. It served me well but lacked some important features (mainly weight-based shipping). Before you Google the well known plugin keep in mind it cost $100 dollars. Now, that might be a fair price but since my day job is programming I felt it was a little steep for something I could do.

Fast-forward 10 months and I moved the entire site over to OpenCart. Like WooCommerce it served me well and I have used it ever since. However, due to the nature of pre-orders I wanted something more customized to how I sell products. So, I have gone back to WooCommerce and for the last 2 months I have customized the backend to help me keep track of the kits that come in. This will most certainly help me avoid the horrible mistake of having to refund your order because I did not order enough.

What has changed?

The overall look has changed a little bit but the basic ordering process is the same. I have imported all accounts but passwords need to be reset. So, using the Forgot Your Password page you will need to reset your password using the same credentials as the old site.

One of my favorite changes is the Gentei Kits’ home page now lists all relevant kits. I do not have a complicated selection; there are pre-orders and in stock kits…thats it. There really should not be any need to go to any other product listing page but it is still there if you insist.

What has happened to existing pre-orders?

The old site will stay live until all pre-orders have been fulfilled. The new url is You won’t be able to place any orders but you will still be able to login.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and if you see a bug please let me know.