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Fedex Shipping

Update (2020-08-15)

I have managed to ship out a lot of orders via Fedex. Customers with multiple orders didn’t have to pay much extra (in many cases I issued a shipping refund). Small orders seem to be more expensive via Fedex.

While shipping via Fedex is still available I spoke with the post office and they let me know that ePacket has resumed for most of the world (with exception of the US). He did say that there is a good chance SAL will be gone, permanently. It looks like ePacket will be the next shipping method to resume for the US (but not yet). The cost is approximately 1.6 times ePacket Light. When it does resume I will make a notification and see how we can get the rest of these orders out.

Thanks for your patience.

Update (2020-06-29)

I spoke with a representative and created a Fedex account. They also explained how to calculate shipping. The volume of the box is just as important as the weight. The formula to calculate box weight is LxWxH / 5000. Whichever weight is higher is used as the weight for the package. In our case the kits are usually well below the “dimensional weight”. Please refer to the table below to get a general idea of the cost. You can use Fedex’s shipping calculator to get a more specific rate (please make sure to enter the box dimensions) Please note that Fedex charges a fuel and “corona” charge of approximately 350 yen.

NameDimensionsWeight ClassNotesShipping to West Coast (USA)
Small38x27x153.5kg (3.078)1 normal-sized HG (2 if it is an expansion pack)2,366 yen +350
Medium35x25x214kg (3.675)1 “short” MG (Like Tallgeese III), 2-3 HG2,678 yen +350
Large40.5×32.5×133.5kg (3.4223)1 “long” MG or 2 HG side-by-side2,366 yen +350
X-Large41x34x247kg (6.6912)3-4 HG, 2 MG or 1 “thick” MG like the Haze’N-thley II Rah4,224 yen +350
XX-Large50x41x3113kg (12.71)Usually order consisting of 2+ HG and 1+ MG7,844 yen +350

Currently I have March, April, May, and June’s orders sitting here waiting to be packed up and shipped out. The Japan Post has indicated to me that shipping, especially to the United States, will not happen anytime soon.

As such, I contacted Fedex to check in the possibility of shipping through them. It does look promising however there is a catch – the cost is approximately 20-30% more.

If anyone would like their order shipped by Fedex (ASAP) please email me at [email protected] Please provide your order number (or numbers) and I will get back to you with a quote. Like Japan Post Fedex’s rates are based off of weight. If you are okay with the amount I will send you an invoice and ship your order out via Fedex. Please note that you will be credited the shipping you already paid. Please be patient as I anticipate a lot of requests.

Either way I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Normally a house full of Gundam would be seen as a good thing but my wife would say otherwise.

Stay safe,


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