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GK Moves Back to WooCommerce

5 years ago when I started Gentei Kits I used Woocommerce. It served me well but lacked some important features (mainly weight-based shipping). Before you Google the well known plugin keep in mind it cost $100 dollars. Now, that might be a fair price but since my day job is programming I felt it was a little steep for something I could do.

Fast-forward 10 months and I moved the entire site over to OpenCart. Like WooCommerce it served me well and I have used it ever since. However, due to the nature of pre-orders I wanted something more customized to how I sell products. So, I have gone back to WooCommerce and for the last 2 months I have customized the backend to help me keep track of the kits that come in. This will most certainly help me avoid the horrible mistake of having to refund your order because I did not order enough.

What has changed?

The overall look has changed a little bit but the basic ordering process is the same. I have imported all accounts but passwords need to be reset. So, using the Forgot Your Password page you will need to reset your password using the same credentials as the old site.

One of my favorite changes is the Gentei Kits’ home page now lists all relevant kits. I do not have a complicated selection; there are pre-orders and in stock kits…thats it. There really should not be any need to go to any other product listing page but it is still there if you insist.

What has happened to existing pre-orders?

The old site will stay live until all pre-orders have been fulfilled. The new url is You won’t be able to place any orders but you will still be able to login.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and if you see a bug please let me know.

11 thoughts on “GK Moves Back to WooCommerce

  1. I don’t really know how to contact you for support on the new site, so I’ll just put this here.

    The Efreet Schneid page does not work, and I cannot add it to my cart. I tried a couple of other kits, and those worked so I think it’s just a problem with that link.

    Also, I don’t know if you have any influence over this, but the password length requirements for the new site are a bit unreasonable I’m my opinion. I tried to use a password similar to my previous one on the old site, and I had to add around 10 characters to make it to the “medium” strength. I believe 10-12 characters as a minimum should be sufficient…

    1. To contact me please email me at [email protected]

      Since the site is new and I am going through a lot of things and making fixes/edits. The Efreet is available again.

      With regards to the password: I will consider removing the requirement.

  2. I’m having issues placing orders.

    So at first I tried to an place order but couldn’t progress because it still needed my country (which was on the account info page already) and if I refreshed the page the checkout and cart pages would be blank save for the banner saying what page they are.

    Manually changed the country in my account info, and it goes straight to the blank, is something wrong with the shipping calculator to Australia, only way to get things working is to log out, log in…only back to these issues

    1. I tried again, noticed on the billing and shipping form it said I still need a billing country, tried hitting enter on a blank field since it was all filled in and now it says internal server error.

      Also little nit pick which may not be your fault, I got another name on this word press account, the “user name”, yet it shows what’s on screen, any idea why this is, would it because my log in here and my word press account use the same details to access?

    2. When migrating all the customer data from the old system there were some issues.

      1. I could import addresses but the way the old system and this one saves the country was not compatible. The first time someone places an order on the new system they will have to select their country

      2. This could have been due to server errors that I have been dealing with lately. If you could please try again and if it doesn’t work I will manually create an order if you wish.

  3. I don’t see my recent order on the new dashboard.

    1. Please email me with your order number and I will look into it for you. If you are referring to orders placed before the new system they will not show in your account but they are still available and will be fulfilled.

      1. Order 8591
        I can find this model in store already, so where is my order?

  4. is the service part still available through this new website and will you be still maintaining the list exactly where people are lined up to wait?

    1. Yes, nothing has changed.

  5. Is there some issue with PayPal right now? I’ve tried placing an order for the sword impulse several times and it keeps saying “things dont seem to be working” and returns me to the merchant page and cancels my order. I just want this kit at a reasonable price. Is it something I’m doing?

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