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SAL Small Packet


I have temporarily disabled the SAL Small Packet shipping method as I was recently notified that the Japan Post office will no longer come to my house and pick those packages up. As an alternative I am in the works in offering a shipping method called E-Packet Light. It is a dressed up SAL but with a tracking number. Some of you might know it as “Registered SAL”. It is slightly more expensive than SAL Small Packet (200-300 yen I believe). When it comes to the web Japan is still in the 80’s (the primary reason a site like man can even exist – I mean who doesn’t ship internationally?) and their online web system does not offer a way to print out labels in bulk so I have to wait for one guy to talk to another guy who has to ask his boss about who talk to about providing me a way to do it (and will eventually refer me back to the first guy). In the mean time EMS, SAL Parcel, and Sal Surface are still available.

Further Information

  • If you have placed an existing order by SAL Small Packet don’t worry, it will still ship out normally. It will go out in batches (we can only fit so many packages in my car).
  • I changed the shipping calculator a bit, if you see any weirdness please email me at [email protected] (duplicate methods, weird pricing, no pricing, etc…)
  • I expect to offer E-Packet Light ASAP. I have the rates all set, I just need a way to print out orders in bulk.
  • Originally the post office told me they would come and pick up E-Packet Light packages. This is no longer the case so we will have to drive the packages to the post office. Hopefully the ability to print out labels in bulk will offset the trips we have to take to the post office.

3 thoughts on “SAL Small Packet

  1. Hey, I’ve been trying deperately to get into contact with you, I recently moved house and need to change the billing address I made on an order in May, is that possible?

    1. Please email me at [email protected] with your order number and address you would like me to change.

  2. can you give us a status update on the HG Woundwort shipments for October?

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